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PSF Pallets Ltd
Specialists in Wooden, Metal and Plastic Pallets
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All drivers welcome, top prices paid for pallets,
plenty of turning space for lorries of all sizes. NO PALLETS REFUSED

Stockists Of A Wide Selection Of Low Cost Pallets

We stock substantial amounts of UK standard pallets and Euro sized pallets, as well as a wide range of non-standard pallets.

All our Recycled / Reconditioned Pallets have been hand checked, graded & repaired, with exceptional care & precision.

At P.S.F Ltd,  we are consistent in being able to offer our clients several different grades of UK & Euro standard sized pallets that will fit both the budget and the application.

Pallet Clearance

Pallet clearance services are the most environmentally friendly approach to disposing of pallets. Not to mention the time, effort and money it saves when we manage your clearance process. Some collections are free of charge and some can even offer a rebate, prices depend on the pallets we receive.

Please note we do have to charge for scrap pallet clearance.


For further information on this service please contact


Winners of Best Reconditioned Pallets Providers 2021

We are very proud to have been awarded as the Winners of Best Reconditioned Pallets Providers 2021 by Southern Enterprise Awards 2021.


The Southern Enterprise Awards are judged purely on a merit. In order to determine our worthy winners, our in-house research team carefully analyse the information that is available both online and in the public domain as well as any materials supplied by nominees. Additionally, nominees are provided the opportunity to prepare a short case file disclosing details of their chosen business sector and practice, as well as any previous accolades awarded.




Garden Furniture

We sell pallets to the public for garden furniture, garden projects and indoor furniture. We can also make bespoke furniture to suit your requirements or you can have a look at our furniture catalogue, please enquire for a quote

Pallet Services

We offer a wide range of pallet services

Scrap Pallet Removal Service


Pallet Repair Service


Pallets Purchased


Heat Treated Pallets


Bespoke Pallets

Delivery / Collection Service

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Local Pallet Specialists

Our Pallet Products

Require Pallets? Why Wait?

Pallet Clearance


With over a million pallets being supplied every year we are always on the look out for redundant pallets.

Whether it be a one-off collection or a regular job we would be happy to assist and can offer top prices for the pallets purchased.

Please note we can only offer a collection service for 100+ pallets. Any other quantities can be dropped off to our yard in Dunmow.

For further information on this service please contact


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